Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Volume II

There are certain albums that hit the spot any time, any day of the week, whenever, wherever you hear them.  The self-titled Velvet Underground album is one of these.  I still remember when I bought it and how I felt the first time I listened to it.  Whether it's saying something simple ("baby be good, do what you should") or the borderline profound ("between thought and expression lies a lifetime"), whatever Lou Reed and the gang sing on this record just sounds right to me.  Amen.  All of the noise, the reverb, the rhythms, those killer Sterling Morrison's leads hit that certain sweet spot in my ears which then transfers the following message to my brain: "THIS IS EXACTLY HOW MUSIC SHOULD SOUND!"

When I was thinking about assembling night two of my Elevens residency, I decided that I should find the live performance personification of this feeling... and right away the Claudia Malibu came mind.  The Malibu, a group whose name appears on a concert poster gracing John Cusack's apartment wall in "High Fidelity", share a certain Velvet Underground musical aesthetic: they're loud, late (well I can't speak for VU tardiness), sometimes messy and have the most incredible songs.

While I was living in Connecticut, Jimmy Jude & Sean Beirne were members of the Battlecats, my favorite local band at the time.  They were jangly, rough and could teach the kids a thing or two about melody and showmanship.  These ideals carry over to their new group, Death To New England.  Jimmy & Sean with Little & Big Joe can be found ripping it up everywhere they go!  

Come hear how I think Rock n' Roll should be played this Friday at the Bourgeois Residency Volume II.  It's a free concert that has a seven o'clock start.  Notice we have a subheading "aka Paul McCartney Vest Party".  An Emily Cappa curated vested Macca  slideshow will be on display throughout the evening.