Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Our friend Henning has made a nice recap of his live music adventures of 2009 featuring photos and some video, too. I participated in many of these stellar events. You can read about them here.

One particular show he didn't mention was the Great CD Mix-Up. It was a night that happened about a year ago where we asked all in attendance to make their own mix cd and put it into a special contraption which I believe was called "The Great CD Mixer". Later, all those participating got to reach into the mixer and pull out a homemade disc made by someone else. The one I received looked great, sounded great and turned me on to some new things.

Anyhow, the second annual mix-up (I christened it "Disc Two") will be happening on January 29th and features the Fawns, Nuclear Waste Club Management and Joshua Crane. Not only am I opening the show with a solo performance, Mike McLellan and I are closing the evening with a deejay set.

Okay, get to work!

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