Monday, June 22, 2009

Seasonal music

I realized last weekend that I had a strong, burning desire to listen to some Smiths albums... and after I had got them out, I tried to remember the last time I put anything of theirs on. This lead to a discovery that the Smiths fall into the category of what is know as summer groups. They just happen to work the best for my ears in the summertime.

Jonathan Richman is another character whose music is certainly comfortable with a warm, sunny climate and those sticky summer nights. Also, I generally listen to Robyn Hitchcock throughout the year, but I feel as though I'm turning to "Eye" & "I Often Dream of Trains" mostly when fall approaches. Those albums in particular go well with leaves changing colors, brisk evening breezes and yes, the feeling of decay in the air. The winter, oddly enough, is the time where I need the Beach Boys the most. I go to "Holland", "Friends" and "Pet Sounds" late at night for quiet headphone listens.

Are there people who you find yourself playing at certain times of the year?